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Our mission
is rendering of legal services in any law field to people involved in business.

The entire activity of the company aims at the Client’s protection and is based on the all-round care for the Client, on honesty, on loyalty to our words, on respect for laws. 

Our values
- confidence of our clients.
- people working in this company.
They are the most valuable asset enabling to achieve goals.

- professionalism.
The relations within the company are built up on direct interest in work results that enables our team members to become professionals in different law fields.

- responsibility.
We always fulfill our obligations.

- effectiveness.
We are firmly convinced that hopeless situations do not exist. Our major task is to find the way of solving them.


principles of corporate ethics 

1.     principle of confidentiality.
We guarantee that we will NEVER use the information confided by our Clients against them. 

2.  Principle of comprehensive approach.
Getting all the experts of our company for solution of difficult tasks we exclude false actions in the Client’s protection.

3.     Principle of significance.
While solving a task all the questions are important for us, secondary questions do not exist. 

4.   principle of rational use of CLIENTS’ time.
Having got all necessary documents and corresponding powers for representation from Clients, we take responsibility for dealing with the Clients’ cases without distracting them from their businesses. 

5. principle of procedural saving.
To solve the tasks set by our Clients we choose the shortest way, as both the Clients and we are interested in quick results. 

6. principle of forcasting.
Even at the stage of study and analysis of the documents submitted by a Client we forecast the prospects of the case. We inform the Client on the problems that can emerge in the course of protection and point to the ways of their solution.

 7. principle of further protection.
In order to prevent possible mistakes in future cases and for timely consulting in vexed questions we keep on communicating with a Client even after the completion of contractual relations.