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Court cases involving economic crimes often require forensic inquiry due to the complexity of the financial, credit and tax schemes involved. Even when law enforcement and judges have access to all the documents and information in a case, they may be unable to grasp the full extent of the crime. In these cases, it makes sense to request a forensic inquiry. An expert with special knowledge of accounting, financial analysis and auditing can present findings that may be used as evidence in court and to support the defense or the prosecution. Experts may be brought in to provide testimony on a wide range of economic questions:

  • assessing the accuracy and substantiation of accounting and transactions with cash and other assets
  • uncovering shortfalls or overages of cash and other valuables and determining how they were concealed
  • analyzing document workflow and verifying that accounting documentation meets legal requirements for accounting and reporting
  • exposing accounting process weaknesses and their consequences
  • studying a company’s overall financial position, solvency, financial stability, liquidity, etc.
  • assessing the economic justification for financial indicators and the ways such indicators could be falsified to affect financial results and credit obligations
  • analyzing factors detrimental to a company’s financial health
  • analyzing the underlying fundamentals of receivables and payables
  • verifying the validity and proper use of loans
  • uncovering violations of cash flow procedures
Forensic accounting requires more than just a degree in finance. When selecting a forensic accountant, look for an individual who has documented experience in forensic investigations and expert testimony. At the Paritet Legal Support Center, you can rely our highly qualified legal and financial experts to handle your forensic investigation with integrity and professionalism. Paritet’s director, Andrei Zabegayev, is a member of the non-profit Board of Forensic Experts (certificate No. 00531) and is certified under the voluntary program for private forensic experts in the following areas:
  • Company financial status and financial/economic activity
  • Accounting records
  • Your consultant: Andrei Zabegayev