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Effective companies have effective work flow systems. Poor work flow planning can cause accounting mistakes, delayed receipt of information and, as a result, inadequate management decisions. It can also trigger leaks of proprietary information. Conclusion: proper work flow planning should be a top priority. Paritet can help you optimize your company’s work flow planning:

  • Developing, drafting and analyzing internal documents: internal statutory acts, standard templates for key documents, contracts, directions, orders, etc.
  • Collecting and regularly updating an industry-specific database of regulations, opinions by consultants and experts, professional conclusions and judicial rulings
  • Optimizing methods of transferring company property to a new owner
  • Consulting on the creation of an enterprise work flow system:

- Types of modern management documentation: mandatory documents (required by law and necessary for any audits), recommended documents

- Basic requirements for administrative documentation

- Drafting basic documents (organizational, administrative, informational)

- Document management technology (work flow, document recording, compliance monitoring)

- Working with confidential documents

- Cataloging and storing management documents (classification, creating files, preparing documents for archiving)

- Administrative liability of CEO and other company officers for violations of document retention laws and other regulations

Every company uses contracts during the course of its business operations. A properly drafted contract provides safeguards for your business and contributes to its success. Before you sign your next contract, protect your company with a professional contract analysis from Paritet.

Paritet’s specialists offer the following contract services:

  • Drafting contracts, from the simple to the highly complex
  • Analyzing existing contracts and locating weak spots in the protection of your interests
  • Performing tax analysis of contracts for tax optimization